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It was, in many ways, a relief to be able to leave her room for the first time in a week, but Elliot just wished she didn't have to do it with a baby in her arms.

Okay, so it was her baby, but she was kind of pissed at him. She was still really sore and felt like she'd been gutted with an ice cream scoop. She supposed it was better to be carrying him around than to have him squirming and kicking and generally being a buttface inside her, though.

"Buttface," she muttered to the tiny bundle in her arms as she walked through the corridors of the hotel in a kind of limping shuffle. "Maybe that's what I'll call you. Buttface Reid."

He didn't cry. He never cried. It was strange, really - Elliot had never seen a newborn baby that didn't cry all the time. But her son - God, it was weird to even think it; her son - never did. Except when he was hungry, and even then, he just made little sounds that, somehow, never failed to wake her up in the middle of the night to feed him.

She wasn't sure how she felt about being a mom yet. It hadn't really sunk in, she guessed. She still felt awkward with the baby in her arms, like it was a doll or something.

And she couldn't think of a name for him. Buttface Reid just didn't seem right, and she couldn't find the list she had written some months ago.

She was sad he wasn't a girl. Then she could have called him Bridget.

Elliot winced a little as she sank down into an armchair in the lounge, shifting a little to accommodate the baby in her arms. She thought he was asleep, but sometimes it was hard to tell if he was faking or not.

Faking? How can a baby fake being asleep? It's a baby, for frick's sake! It's not an alien!

Sometimes, though...he really creeped her out.

[OOC: Yep, Elliot had the baby! (Thread's not quite finished yet, though.) I meant to post her ages ago, so this will be backdated to the 1st of August. Come say hi to the airport's newest "arrival"! xD I may be a bit slow with tags, but I'll do my best. ♥]
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