Edison Carter: Network 23 (23s_topreporter) wrote in arrivals_only,
Edison Carter: Network 23

Inspired by the knowledge that a madman who wanted to turn them all into zombies was loose in the terminal, Edison had been very busy trying to find a way out. Of course, the process mostly consisted of trying all the things he'd already tried shortly after his arrival, only with a newfound fervor.

Edison had, up until recently, considered the whole thing a sort of forced vacation. Or maybe a prank on Bryce's Murray's Max's someone's part. So while he had made his own efforts to escape, it was with the half-assed attitude of someone who knew his network would be coming to find him eventually and...

There were a dozen other people all saying the same thing: no one could get out. If they could get out, why weren't they gone already? Right?

Not anymore! He still firmly believed Theora would track him down eventually, but eventually seemed too long to wait. And so, having once again exhausted all the avenues he could think of to get out, he was back to trying to wedge a door open with a crowbar. It wasn't working; it wasn't going to work. He knew this.

He kept trying anyway.
Tags: camilla macaulay, edison carter, gigolo joe
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