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Arrivals Only

The Only Multiversal Airport

Arrivals Only - A Pan-Fandom RPG
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Arrivals Only is, for all intents and purposes, a pan-fandom RPG. Characters from every canon imaginable can arrive here...but they can't leave. There are no exits. There is no escape. Powers that once were strong seem weakened, so there's no blasting or teleporting your way out of here.

And where is here, exactly? 'Here' is an airport terminal. There are planes, but they don't take people away, they bring them here. It has an air of emptiness - the stores and restaraunts are all closed and shuttered - unused.

Until now.

Now it's time for people to de-board and arrive in the terminal. For good.


Arrivals Only is set in an airport. Details can be found in the Rules post.

We accept canon characters only. No OCs, no canon OCs. Characters must be human or humanoid. Powers (magic etc.) are limited and cannot affect other characters.

Our chat room on AIM is called arrivalschat. To join, just add yourself to your buddy list and invite yourself in.

Want to know more? Read the Rules. If you have a question, comment or email the mods.

Head Mod Squad Journal - the_modsquad
Rhi - zomgrhi
Phobic - oneirophobic

To contact the mods, send us an email.

OOC Community:


Before applying, please read the Rules!

Fill this out and send it to arrivals.only.mods@gmail.com to apply. First check the Taken Characters list and the Reserve List to make sure the character you want is not already taken or reserved.

Character name:
Character LJ:
History: (At least 200 words)
Personality: (At least 200 words)
Why do you want to play this character?:
Entrance Post:

(For characters with previous RP "canon", please see this post for the application.)

Then, make sure to place your character's Inventory and a brief (or not-so-brief) description - as well as a disclaimer that you don't own the character - in their profile.

After that, request to join arrivals_only and arrivals_ooc. Apps will not be processed without requests to join both communities. Once accepted...start playing! Feel free to make an introductory post in the OOC community. We don't bite. (Much.)

Lastly, don't forget to add your info and your character's info to the (friends-locked) Contact List.

To reserve a character for apping later, go here.

You may app one character initially, and after the first month, two characters every month.

Arrivals Only is currently OPEN and accepting applications!