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Camilla Macaulay


Bored to tears, Camilla had gone rummaging in the gift shop to find a game to play. She'd played so much solitaire she was beginning to develop an irrational dislike of some of the face cards. It was there that Mr. Wednesday found her again.

Whatever magic he might or might not possess, no one could ever take the gift of gab away from Wednesday. He also seemed to have a knack for finding things. Too bad the lady wasn't in the mood for cards. Chess was a possibility, Wednesday remembering long-gone games of hnefatafl, and he tucked a cheap chess set under his arm before they left. What they wound up playing together today, however, was a game far simpler.

It was silly, almost. It made Camilla laugh, half at herself and half at the game, and that was all to the good; that was what Wednesday wanted to hear.

They sat across from one another at a square table in the cafe and stacked wooden blocks in a tower, then pulled out the blocks one by one and stacked those atop the others still. The clatter of blocks when the tower fell made Camilla start a little in her chair, eyes gone wide, and then she laughed at herself again. Wednesday grinned and started the tower anew.

(( Yes, they are playing Jenga. Anyone at all is welcome to tag in; Camilla and Wednesday will answer in a single comment, as I play them both. ))
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