Joanne Baldwin (rogue_warden) wrote in arrivals_only,
Joanne Baldwin

Jo had never met an airport that wouldn't let you out and so, that being said, she'd spent the past four months in a hazy sort of disbelief and not talking to much of anyone. It was limbo, purgatory, insert your religious idea here and she wasn't having it anymore. If she had to be crazy, after all, she was doing it with other people and fully embracing the damn situation.

She didn't know if any of the other people she'd met when she first arrived were still around (she hadn't been paying attention after all) but she'd try to meet back up with them and maybe make some new friends. The one guy had been a reporter, she remembered, and then there was James. She didn't really know what he did at all, but she'd pretend to be interested in finding out.

Besides, the snack machine food was getting crazy old and somebody had to know something more about the airport than she'd found out in the past few months. Great minds think alik...wait, no, brainstorming was more than one person. That was it, she wanted to brainstorm.

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Tags: camilla macaulay, joanne baldwin
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